Garden Design

We all benefit from living in soft, gentle, nurturing environments. Light and nature are at the heart of my approach to creating a home – outside inside is my mantra.

Inside – seating arrangements, kitchen and bathroom layouts are determined by what can be seen through carefully positioned and exactly designed doors and windows. Colours and materials are chosen to complement and enhance the countryside or garden outside and vice versa. Minimal and complimentary window treatments remove a sense of disconnect between inside and out.

Outside – I favour wild, natural gardens which evolve and create a sense of well-being throughout the year – windows are the art on the wall.

Herbs and wild strawberries planted in window boxes make the most of even the smallest town garden, scented climbers, old English roses and rosemary planted close to the house add to its sensory appeal.

Garden furniture is rough, handcrafted, weather-beaten and reclaimed never new, shiny or grand: an old bench conveniently positioned outside for removing wellies/ muddy boots or enjoying the view; reclaimed lead planters to soften and complement vernacular flint walls or an ancient yew hedge.


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