“Tamsin is a natural treasure hunter, with a skill for sourcing antiques, art and vintage pieces, which helps her to create layers in an interior.”

Emily Tobin, House & Garden

Home styling & sourcing

My aim is to create homes that tell the story of who you are and in which every piece has something to say. Personal and comforting as well as comfortable: I don’t think you should be able to tell when a home was decorated or who by.

I make no bones about my preference for the old over the new and enjoy working with people who love the process of creating a home.

My abiding passion for art and textiles and for collecting, means I am often called on to rearrange and refine an existing room or scheme as much as to start from scratch.

I am inspired by seeing what people already have and working out how to make the most of it. I source everything from designing the lighting scheme in a room. to finding the perfect chair for a study.


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