Over the last decade Home & Found has worked on a wide range of homes in London and the countryside.

Each project is unique – individually designed around the needs and tastes of its owner and filled with beautiful antiques, precious textiles, hardwearing fabrics, and upholstered furniture . To create a home that enriches and enhances the lives of those who live in it.


A Victorian terraced house in Chiswick’s historic Bedford Park which feels at once modern yet warm and cosy.

Bedford Park

One of the finest houses in Bedford Park, this Grade II listed detached house was originally designed by Norman Shaw and built in 1879 for Jonathan Carr, Bedford Park’s founder.

The Carpenter’s Arms

Home & Found aspire to create timeless spaces that feel as though they’ve been there forever. We love texture, patina and age. Nowhere more so than in a proper pub.

Kensington Mews

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Built in 1912 by Inigo Triggs and William Unsworth for the traveller, explorer, naturalist, artist and editor Aubyn Trevor-Battye.

‘I am going to make everything around me beautiful—that will be my life.’

Elsie de Wolfe

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