‘Tamsin has a clear vision of what will work in a room. Her knowledge of the art world and love of antiques mean her projects are crafted with a curious, intelligent eye.’

Emily Tobin – House & Garden

Interior Design

I aim to create homes that feel as though they have been there forever. My focus is first and foremost on creating a feeling of well-being and congeniality, to invest homes with an understated natural elegance and to create spaces that are warm and inviting and emotionally enriching.

I don’t think anything should be too perfect – I like homes that are beautiful and interesting, which feel personal, generous, lived in and loved. Homes which are furnished with things that matter and which have meaning and real value to the people who live there. Homes which lure you in, surprise you and hold your attention and interest from the moment you approach the front door.


Whether you are a keen cook, or an enthusiastic audience, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Too many kitchens appear to be for show and have little or no relationship with the look and feel of the rest of the house. Kitchens should be at once welcoming and homely, hardwearing and capable of withstanding heavy and enthusiastic use and of accommodating the paraphernalia of everyday life.

The best homes evolve over time and change with us. I like to furnish homes with a collection of antique furniture and pieces from different times to create spaces which feel flexible, organic and fluid. The kitchen needs to work just as well, feel just as good, first thing in the morning as last thing at night, as comfortable with one or two people sharing a coffee as a gang of jostling hungry children at tea time or a group of friends enjoying dinner. Just a few changes in the way things are positioned or lit can change the way the room feels. Our kitchens are functional and utilitarian yet thoughtfully designed with real attention paid to the details and finishes that make them a joy to use and ensure the room and its inhabitants feel special and loved.


Interiors affect how you feel and how you live and that is especially true for bathrooms.

How things feel, smell, the way the light falls, acoustics, what a room looks out on to, privacy, storage, space, access – are all key factors when designing and decorating a room and creating a sense of freedom and relaxation.

Gentle muted, tonal colours, luxurious marbles, soft natural stone floors, subtle but effective lighting, reclaimed sanitary ware, generous towel rails, capacious and accessible storage and underfloor heating to create a sensory haven.


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