Twitter/@Womensart1  Painting by Winifred Nicholson’s – ‘The Isle of Man from St Bees’

11 tastemakers share the fictional interiors they’d most like to live in

House & Garden

The fictional house I would most like to live in would be the one you can’t really see in Winifred Nicholson’s painting ‘The Isle of Man from St Bees’. I imagine it as a simply furnished, modest cottage, but the view, the view!  Reached by a cobbled track through a secret garden filled with wild roses, crocosmia and agapanthus, the house is a creative retreat and filled with natural light. Every window offers a daily changing perspective of the huge skies and open views of the surrounding landscape. The gentle colours and soothing textures of nature seen in the painting are echoed inside. Modestly furnished, there’s a single painting or ceramic as the only decoration in each room, comfortable seating, vintage textiles, a little lamp, books, a table, a record player, a slightly bish-boshed and basic but functional kitchen, a monastic light filled bathroom and a few found treasures – the real joy comes from the incredible views outside, the ever-changing play of light shaping the space and smells and sounds of the sea and the natural world outside


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