‘Home & Found create houses that are imbued with an easy elegance … inspired by the original homes of artists, collectors, curators, architects and gardeners, her interiors have an artful ‘undoneness’ to them that provides a relaxed backdrop to life.

Liz Elliot, House & Garden 2022


I believe in refurbishing with a gentle hand and decorating in such a way that it feels like a home has grown organically around family life rather than from a mood board or bursting wallet. I work on just two or three projects at a time, overseeing the entire process of extending and building or simply refurbishing, decorating and furnishing a home.

I learnt my craft the hard way – buying, extending and restoring a series of rundown houses in my twenties and thirties, whilst running a restaurant consultancy and raising a young family. I learnt how to modernise a house, ensuring it met the needs of modern family life whilst respecting its history and retaining and reinstating its original features. In 2011 I set up Home & Found.

As a keen artist, I approach each project as I do a canvas, with a focus on composition, colour, texture, scale, form and, crucially, light.

I have always loved the thrill of finding and rediscovering the skilfully made, previously loved but now discarded. This in turn is matched by the pleasure I get from finding homes for things – mixing styles and eras, playing with colour, pattern and scale, balancing the familiar with the unexpected and creating a sense of fun and generosity.

Today I am lucky to work in a community of artists, dealers, restorers and craftsmen who value beauty, craftsmanship and provenance.


The Home & Found studio, tucked away above The Carpenter’s Arms in west London, is a manifestation of my eclectic, magpie approach.

It’s very personal to me and is really an extension of my home. .Each piece represents a personal choice – it’s not just the thrill of finding something old, beautiful and unique – I’m fascinated by how things sit together and how even the smallest details can completely change the feel of a room. My approach is very organic and slightly freewheeling – I like the natural, fortuitous, randomness of finding the often neglected and overlooked and the emotional responses which draw people to certain colours and things.

The space is intended to offer a fertile hunting ground for those who crave craftsmanship and originality and who wish to surround themselves with unique, functional and soulful objects which each tell a story. It’s about creating a feeling of human connection – a celebration of the beauty of things made by hand with love.

‘Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant.’

Ellsworth Kelly


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